so i dont live with my dad or my mom. i decided to live with my aunt(dads sister) and her son hes 12. i dont talk to my dad and dont live with mom because she has a full house/new family.
im 18 and im in college, so i dont work. im VERY thankful she took me in and pays for me financially. i feed myself and have my own insurance from the county.
so at first my aunt used to always talk to me and take me out with her whenever she went to go eat or the mall whatever. and starting like in december, she started being really nasty and rude. she ignores me , always has an attitude. i dont really hang out with anyone i usually just got with my bf, but sometimes i cant go and im home. it just hurts my feelings that she comes home and waits till i go in the bathroom or in my room to take just her son out and they go out to eat. or if hes here with me she’ll come back from a restaurant with more food and or shes making dinner and she only gives it to him and we are both at the table! i mean i know im ‘18’ but dang id like not to feel like an outsider with my own damn aunt. i guess i just feel really excluded and i dont feel like she wants me here. like right now they went to do laundry, and we share towels and stuff, but i opened my door and there was a pink and white towel just thrown there. it got me really hot. like you cant wash a f*** ing towel? i do try to start conversations but she shuts it down so harsh with a plain rude NO OR YEA. but its funny, she wants me to help her kid with all his homework when i have my own. i just want to be treated like part of the family.
am i wrong to feel this way?

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